An Exclusive Interview On How To Make Entertainment Grow In Nigeria : Featuring Mr Mimiap Arnold Shan - Guest, Mr Andy Chindaba - Guest. Ms Hopez Chioma - Interviewer & Kelt Dee Fanzing Interviewer



The Interview is basically focus On how to make entertainment in Nigeria Grow. It talks about how talents are being underrated, how artists are not being supported and lots more.

>The Interview Featured A Top Class Politician @ his Excellency Mr Mimiap Arnold Shan & One of the On Air Multiple Award winning OAP @ Mr Andy Chindaba.

>Not forgetting the fact that the interview was hosted by #imecelebritiezworld Blog and powered By HOPEZ MAGAZINE..

               MR ANDY CHINDABA : GUEST

Mr Andy Chindaba :- Is a Nigerian. Base in Kaduna State. he is a multiple Award winning OAP,Event planner and coach in the music industry.

Phone : 08160986962.
Facebook@Andy Chindaba.

                        [ THE INTERVIEW ]

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- Good day sir,this is #imecelebritiezworld blog,we wanna sincerely thank you for given us your time out of ur busy schedule

.once more u are welcome sir.

Andy Chindaba :- I'm honoured to be here on this wonderful platform.. Tnk u.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- Is our pleasure to have u here sir,I won't be doing this alone,am with my Co-Partner,My Boss,a multiple international award winning  Modelist,CEO Hopez modeling Agency Abuja 'Ms Hopez Chioma.

>Sir we want to talk about entertainment as a whole.If I may ride On,Looking at the entertainment as of then and entertainment as of Now,you'll come to agree with me that so many things has change from being positively to Negatively, am I right sir?

Andy Chindaba :- Positive in terms of awareness ,yes.Negative should has to do with low quality contents.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- Thank you sir,let me come in.Do you agree with me that Talent doesn't sell anymore?

Andy Chindaba :- What is required of talent is improvement .it has always been a thing in showbiz that u go thru a difficult terrain b4 arriving @ excellence. It is more technological n advanced setting now that u have to develop ur talent miles further b4 it is seen in u . Contempporary Artists just rush into it without waiting to improve on it..

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- I love that Sir, relating to your previous Answer u talked about #Typographical Error. Don't you thing that what is happening is morethan a typographical error but physical errors that needs to be amended? I'had seen so many cases of whereby Hit songs of the week are undeserving songs but why are they there? Simply bcs of money and Connections, corrupt DJs and lots more.Sir you've been an on air personnel for long can u please tell us what you thing is happening up there? 

Andy Chindaba :- Sorry,i made a typographical error while answering the 1st question that's why i corrected.
Now to ur 2nd question, chart show OAPs differ. There r quacks n also there  those who have ears for quality sounds.. those who can smell a talent or a good song from afar.
These mediocre materials played by these quacks will only farther demean their reputation n status.
If u notice, these songs don't gain acceptance n so fallout abruptly out of d countdown.

The songs don't stand a chance against a beautifully composed piece..u get?

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- I agree with you sir.Another Question. Let me deviate from this side bcs of time. Sir. Let's talk about jealousy in the entertainment system.Alot of artists, DJs,comedians and lots more doesn't wanna support each selves because everybody wanna be the first to make it.You will see a situation whereby an artist will drop a song and for his fellow Colleague to share it is war, How did I met you? This is how I met you.I had been praying to get ur attention someday and suddenly u gave me ur attention, u requested for my songs,3 of my songs,u've been airing them without collecting a dine from me.u always reach me to tell me how good my songs are doing on Air.Ur kind are very Rare that was why I pleaded to have you here.Now the Question is wat can we do so as to manage the rate of jealousy in the entertainment system.

Andy Chindaba :- Some1 once said entertainment or showbiz means dishonesty n greed.
To some extent I agree.
Jealousy is healthy competition... it brings out d best in u.
To flush it out will require selfless, committed individuals who see d need 2 unleash hidden treasures 2 light...not minding it'd consequence (if there is any).
A karma law infers that what u do unto others will be done to u as well,so this good gesture cannot be overemphasized.
They will require some1's assistance as well n will get disappointed.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :-Wow we are so so happy to have u here sir.u really educated us and enlighten us the more. We appreciate ur Time and speech. Sir if people wanna get in touch with you how can they reach you? Can u drop them ur handles and lots more?

Andy Chindaba :- My SMP (Social Media Platforms):
Andy Chindaba on
@achindaba on Twitter,
+2348160986962 for Whatsapp.
Will always love to work with any individual or group that seeks to promote entertainment n showbiz in Naija. Tnks for d cameo appearance, Kelt.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG :- We appreciate you pleasure to have you here.we will surely put u on board again....


Mr Mimiap Arnold Shan is a Nigerian. He base in Jos Plateau state, a renounced politician, profound Writer and also a Counselor.

Phone : 08180540795
Facebook @mimiap Arnold Shan.

                   [ THE INTERVIEW ]

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG:- Alright ladies and gentlemen now is the second segment of our interview and I will like you to join me in welcoming Mr Mimiap Arnold Shan.Good morning sir.

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  Warm regards to all, especially you the organizers of this meeting.
Thumps up!

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG:- Is a honor to have you here in our midts Sir.Despite the short Notice u still accepted to be here we are very grateful my Excellency. I won't be doing this alone am here with my colleague Miss Hopez Chioma.

>Sir,why I surmon u here is because i come to realized that you are one Politician who always want to see the youths progressing.
If permitted to ask u sir. Do you think entertainment is growing? Or is dying?

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  Let me respond thus:

"It is not what you are called, but what you answer to matters."

Entertainment is a star child that has come to stay, either with conscious efforts or not.
Sadly, there are unhealthy waves that troubles the mentality of those involved, especially the privileged few.

So basically, i'll say 'entertainment' just like a living being, has its own challenges; but definitely not dying.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG:- Wow this is lovely sir. Sir,this question am about to ask you was suppose to be private but permit me to ask it here.
Does Government allocate funds to the entertainment box for support?

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  A hard one🙆🏻‍♂

I'm not in govt, neither a partner in govt formalities, as such; wouldn't be in position to clear the air.
(As regards my state Plateau).

At the federal level through, its inevitable not to have funds allocated to such vibrant segment of the Nig economy.
I believe 'ministry of culture & tourism' harnesses all that, although i'm of opinion that an additional ministry be solely created for 'Entertainment'.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG:- Sir can you please tell us what you think can be done to improve entertainment as a whole?

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:- Its a huge tax that requires minds with patriotic sense of responsibility.

Two major forces are recognized in this field of play, which are:
-govt &
-private sectors

"Most people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience thereof."

Individuals need to brace up to reality, that 'nothing good comes easily', as such the need to 'learn' 'unlearn' & 'relearn'; on how to be better & competitive on the stage.
If efforts are invested, hardwork is sure to be rewarded with partnership from govt & other major stakeholders.

But in all honesty, the outright challenge in play is the 'nonchalant attitude' of well meaning Nigerians to invest in the entertainment industry.

Talent alone can't raise the curtains, absent financial backings; thus every hardwork needs a bit of opportunity to shine.

I believe with more prioritization of the 'entertainment Industry', govt can lure private sector to come in & revamp the sector for good.

KELT DEE/IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG:- This is so interesting my Excellency. Alright let's talk about Tribalism in the entertainment system, Connections in the entertainment system. Do you think talent alone can exploit Someone creativity???

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:- Tribalism & Connection is a twin that can be compared to, 'You & your pocket'.
Meaning, in Nigeria of today, something has to give for something to change.

But let me debate my points this way:
"If they can not stop DAYLIGHT, they can't stop your HARVEST".

This entails that,
The only reason for failure of realisation of tomorrow, will be our doubt of today.

Talent can proof  odds wrong, but may lack the fuel to reach the finishing line.
So basically, there is need for synergy between 'talent' & 'finance'.

HOPEZ CHIOMA :   Greetings..My name is Ms, Amb. HOPEZ..
Sir is a pleasure to have you here.


HOPEZ CHIOMA :   Interesting Sir.
You are welcome on board Mr Arnold.
[ What do you think  can be done to improve  the entertainment growth in the Nigeria industry? Infact what do you think  is the best way out?

All States should take responsibility of harnessing young & upcoming talents, from the grassroots up to the seemingly upcoming artists.
States should independently carve out a ministry for 'Entertainment & Music industry', with relentless efforts to finance its growth; no matter the odds.

Federal govt should partner with all major private stakeholders, running multimillion naira ventures, to each embark on sponsoring of young talents, from orientation stage to full blown artist.
This will in no way be a setback to any company, as they'll own sponsorship & marketing rights; thus making both parties a 50/50 beneficiaries.

Skill is the unified force of 'experience', 'intellect' and 'passion' in their operation.
Meaning before the above mentioned two options come to friction, as an individual with creative & visionary mindset; STEPUP your game with all diligence & the author of your faith, will break protocols in your favour!.

HOPEZ CHIOMA :  Incredible.  one more question before u leave.

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  Pls do ask ma'am!

HOPEZ CHIOMA :  Nigeria has men of honor and we believe in people most especially politicians like you..  Instead of standing for talent,  they are busy pulling down the nation..

Sir, what can you say about 90% of people who are not supporting/encouraging entertainment in this part of the world?

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-   Let me respond thus:
"If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."
   J. K. Rowling

I am of the view that, "Leadership is not about tittles, but about service. Don't just seek the good for your life, but seek to make someone's life better."

In Nigeria, clearly its a tale of "The world of men is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is strangling it, but it can't wake up.

In my little admonition, i'll plead with well meaning Nigerians to "Not just count the days, but make the days count by impacting lives positively".

Entertainment is like a woman in labour, she needs all the attention & care to have a safe delivery.
No one who invests in this industry, can lose; instead will reap bountiful harvest.

Finally to all foresighted men & women giving their best for the betterment of others, 'May your struggles keep you near the cross, may your troubles show that you need God, may battles  end the way they should and may your bad days prove that God is good.'

HOPEZ CHIOMA :  Nigeria today always want an already made talent..  Brief us why is it so in Africa  and mostly in Nigeria?

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  The foundation of upbringing is first to blame, then the system of govt & lastly the religious clerics.

If minds are well schooled & grounded in 'ethics' & 'morality', hustling & hardwork wouldn't be strange map to follow.

But more disturbing is youths who have done right, struggle hard & proven themselves times & time again; are relegated & not given an opportunity to shine.
This has drastically derailed their mindsets & have sway them into illegal activities; just so they can make it.

I advice strongly that govt should create an enabling environment, with all fairness & strict adherence to credibility; to absorb talents & groom them passionately.

HOPEZ CHIOMA :   Lastly what is the way out,  cos talents are dying on the streers inside and outside everyday in this part of the world,  no encouragement from even patent's,  private sectors, government's and lots more

MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:-  Here this "Blessings show up in many different forms, let's never ever second guess God's reasoning."
Working right & thinking right, still remains the best option to success in life.

Youths should bare in mind that 'One of the best lesson you can learn in  life is to master how to remain calm'.
Your struggles today, is a roadmap to a fulfilled future.

Lastly, may our leaders consciousness be stirred by truth & justice, to fight off corruption & gear up towards empowerment programs for vibrant youths.

KELT DEE / IMECELEBRITIEZWORLD BLOG;- Wow thank u so so much never our wish to spent almost 2hrs with u.thank u for ur time and wonderful contributions. May God continue to increase u in double Mr Andy Chindaba may God bless u abundantly. To my Co partner may endorsements continue to locate u.may u continue to be outstanding we look forward to bring u again some other time.

 MIMIAP ARNOLD SHAN:- I am most humbled & honored to have grace your platform, with spirited youthful minds who have undiluted passion for Nigeria's growth.

Let me endear you all to this life principle, that have shaped me to this very moment:

"Whatever you do, do for the sake of God and never be bothered about what people think about it.
Give more than you take and do not bear grudges. Have no expectations from people and ensure you give more favours than you ever ask for.
Expect to be like this until the end of time.

Mimiap Arnold Shan


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