Meet Leonians New Music Artiste.

 Nakure Markus Mafuyai who is popularly known as Mark VibeMan was born on 27 October, from a family of nine. Dad, mom and seven children which he happened to be the sixth. Finished Godiya private school 2006.
2006-2012 he went to Excellence International Academy
ND in foundry engineering 2013-2015 HND in mining engineering 2016-2018. Started writing music since 2009 when he was 14yrs, professionally stared studio recording at 21yrs. His words "What gave me the inspiration to do music was other peoples music. When I listen to them, I tend to start dropping words of my own and at a time, mine even sound more better. So I said to my self why not start something with that, then boom. That was how I started my own music and also the motivation I get from friends and family pushed me thus far". He continued by saying " My people, always expect the best of music from me that can be heard for eternity with truth and reality of life".
He is a member of Leonians Entertainment.
A label own by the legendary GeezzyWizzle.

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