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How A Nigeria R&b Singer - (Tommy Jay ) was Brutally Assaulted By Mista Seth and his Wife

 How "Tommy Jay Was Brutally Assaulted By Mista Seth and his Wife

On Tuesday the 29th of June 2021. Imecelebritiezworld blog came acrossed a post made by Tommy jay under his Facebook handle on how he was being brutalized by some set of soldiers who were ordered by Mista Seth. We immediately placed a call and reached out to Tommy jay for more updates on the recent incident. And afterwards we decided to have a little interview with tommy jay on WhatsApp.please read below so we can fight for justice to prevail.

Imecelebritiezworld Blog. 

Good morning Mr "*Tommy Jay. This is (imecelebritiezworld Blog) we are deeply sorry for what happened between you and Mr Seth. We came across the happenings on Facebook before we immediately placed you a call.please can you tell the world what happened?

[Tommy Jay: Sure

Imecelebritiezworld blogPlease ride on

Tommy Jay: Mista seth has been my friend since we met at a music show in 2012, he reached out to me complaining bitterly on how he gave the finishing of his house to some unprofessional masons and they messed it up. but he knows me as a good mason. I agreed and accepted to also help him as a friend to give him a good quality job as it is my normal thing

imecelebritiezworld Blog: Okay.go ahead please.was there any bridge of contract or a misunderstanding after the contract?

 Tommy Jay:  Thing so I gave him a price of N1,230, 000 for specifically Plastering of in and out of his main house and boys quarters, and quoted other materials he had to get for the job.Things to be done e.g plaster sand, cement, scaffold etc.but he pleaded with me to help him he only has N750,000, I accepted to not further argue as he is my friend, so when I was done he further tried to force me to work for him.that is to work against our agreement and I refused, while on his site to round up what I had left of our agreement, he invited his military friends on the 11th of march 2021 . Put me in their VAN and took me to the military barracks"rukuba"barracks and detained me there for two weeks..

imecelebritiezworld blog: You mean you were detained by someone who was supposed to be your friend for two weeks? After forcing you to go against the initial agreement?

Tommy Jay - Yes

For those two weeks the military was making me to sleep inside water, they left me with hunger for two weeks though they chained both my legs and hands. He hired a car,took a military police officer last corporal okafor guard  to take me to site for those two weeks from morning till evening which i had to pay for his food and weed.

Then later forced me to employ workers I only had 11,000 on me, I transferred the money to military police officer ben but only gave me 10 thousand saying one thousand was for bank charges and I was brutally punished for asking for the 1 thousand.  So there after I employed a worker with a helper plus me that's 2 masons one helper and we worked for a day Tuesday 16, on 17 I only came to site with the military guard and a helper. as a friend and boss he asked why I didnt employ workers, and  i replied i don't have money to further employ workers for him as i was done with the work we initially agreed.  That day 17 of March 2021 I was brutally beaten by the military officer as last corporal okafor as directed by mista seth, I was in chains and helpless And also bleeding they further returned me back to the barracks, but stop at the bush on our way to get me bag of pure water to wash my body.

Then we returned to the barracks, so he requested from me and my family that we had to pay him 210, 000 to complete his unfinished project of stonework, but I told him I can't admit to what I don't owe him, as he negotiated with my family to pay if not he was not going to release me from the barracks so they gave him N100,000 hundred thousand, before my release he asked me in the presence of the military to bring out my phone and asked me to delele the media conversations that would implicate him, that's WhatsApp, the images of the fine house finishing I did, his phone number, and his wife. then forced my family to write a disclaimer against him collecting N100,000 thousand from my family, and also wrote a letter of undertaking in his words protecting his intergrity and his celebrityship then forced me to sign and released me.

Imecelebritiezworld blog. This is Inhuman and robbery in a broad day light. The evidence they asked you to delete from your phone.the money they collected from your parents.they shall all pay for it...we will fight for you.we are going to display the Name of the military man who was incharge of the undertaken.please we urge the federal Government to dismiss that officer from service and any other officer who's hands was also involved.

The Undertaken

Please pick the Name of the officer from the undertaken.

  Screenshots from Tommy jay Facebook wall.

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