New Music : Jb west Ft Smart - Holy Ghost - Prod By Fashizay


Johnbosco Nihungu Wesley popularly known as jb west is here with another  banger this time he featured one of the sensational singer and rapper by name  "Titus smart Sunday .  popularly known as smart on this pure Gospel hip hop rap . Title holy ghost to celebrate his birthday .

the song was produced by one of the Naija best producer who held in Abuja the federal capital.

Holy ghost is a song that is to give glory to God who has cover him with his spirit from the beginning to the end..

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Intro....yeah jb west pon dis one (yes sir) ahaaa smart kid I see you (yes sir) bwatiye records



Can't you we am balling in the holy ghost..(holy ghost),

Can't you see am flying with the holy ghost..(holy ghost),

Can't you see am shining in the holy ghost..(holy ghost).

Am balling in the holy ghost,am flying in the holy ghost... 2* (smart)


Am balling with the holy ghost

Am getting higher

It's most becoming from the holy smoke..

Can't you see am burning with desire, flaming call  it holy fire...

Uh am expired to be by his grace yeah..

His desire I will  uh..

Cause even if I walk through the valley  or the shadow death..

Am scare of the arrows of hell

Am still blessed

That something to tell of the holy ghost...

It's a victory

We putting out holy toast

Am'ma sinner

I know God got me 

Am happy to be in the Lord's army

Fortified guy you can't harm me

I walk through fire

Still won't burn

 I'be gone through trial I still move on

Am filled with the holy ghost

West please sing once more...


Can't you see am balling with the holy ghost..(holy ghost)

Can't you see am flying with the holy ghost (holy ghost)

Can't you see am shining in the holy ghost.. (Holy ghost)...

Am balling in the holy ghost..(holy ghost)

Am flying with the holy ghost..(holy ghost)...2*.. jb west

Jb west am going in....

Am'ma moving train...ain't nobody stopping me...

got the holy ghost, bro nothing do me...

Am higher yes in the holy ghost..

Am drunk..yes..

Is a liquor from the holy cup..

Am on my speeding lane


Am bold, my guy am not shaking..

Am overdose call it my addiction..

Got fire in my bones....(temple Nation)

Holy ghost got me feeling like a king..

The coronation..

Abum onyemmeri na chuckwu 

Maka na'enwerem muonso chineke..

Now I can hear the voice of the lord, like TB1....

Even when I speak the kingdom of darkness 

The shake oh..

Now am flying,

Am shining,

Am balling like

Chisom Egbuchulam

 in China

That's final...

(The back to) (chorus)2* 

Rap3 both..

Jbwest....we are the light of the world..

Smart.... We brighter than all..

Jbwest.....I can see through the dark.

Smart...I can see through the wall

I can see holy ghost like a rain 

when its showers and fall..

Am strong willing

Will the lord feelings..

A life without God got my feet 



Temple nation 

His dropping bars in the holy ghost..

TB1 His hearing the voice of the lord in the holy ghost..

Pastor Paul enenche 

His healing I the holy ghost..

Pastor Chris

His teaching in the holy ghost...

Jay R

His killing the beat in the holy ghost..

Apostle Suleiman

Got the holy ghost..

Frank Edwards

His singing in the holy ghost..


His producing in the holy ghost..

Steves crown

got the holy ghost....


ahahaha yeah

Wanna say a shout out to all the prophet and ministers of God 

That got the holy spirit..

That feel the boldness of the lord in them..

Shout out to them

Those people who are working day and night, for the kingdom sake..

Shout out to TB JOSHUA

Shout out to 


Shout out to the ministers...

Panam Percy paul

Let the gospel take over 



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