The Rich Hardly Help:A story By Kelt Dee

In September 12th 2013 a friend of mine who base in Abuja invited me over to his parents house  for holiday.His Dad was A senator and a one time former Governor KOGI state .
    On a very cold Sunday morning I heard a dog bagging and looking at the gate side straight from the window upstairs i saw an old woman having a conversation with the security man,some minutes later a call came in from my friend Dad asking him to check who is at the Gate with the security.
   The woman who came through was his Step Dad mum .suddenly I now heard a conversation going on at the sitting room.son am seriously sick she said and reason of my coming is for you to help me in taking care of my treatment things are very hard at the village.

 Mama the man replied,you know that I have family ?you know that I have responsibilities also?she said yes.Treating you will really cost me alot and I don't think am ready to spent that much,this is a woman that no one knows what is actually disturbing her.the last thing I heard the man said To her is I will give you transportation so that you can go back home when I have money I will call you over.
We drove her down to the park:Booked her down to Edo state and went back home with tears in my eyes.

 My question is :is money now better than human life?
Why CNT the rich help

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